Design & Install



Commercial Audio Solutions

AVL Industries can produce quality designs and install audio systems for single rooms, large open spaces and entire buildings. We use the best brands to ensure crystal clear sound in all environments, including EAW, Bose, AT, B3, JBL and more.

-  Design, supply & installation of home or business audio systems
-   Home Theatre/media room design and installations
-   Sound systems & Professional DJ consoles for clubs / pubs / venues
-   Architectural and aesthetic design for all types of speakers/products
-   Corporate and Private event DJ service
-   Performance Venue Design
-   Acoustical Analysis/Design
-   Custom Product Design
-   Rigging

Commercial Video Solutions
If you are needing a large screen projection system, multiple flat screens throughout your venue, or simply just a single plasma screen in a boardroom or lounge room,  AVL Industries will be able to organise and finalise your requirements.

We are always researching and experiencing the latest trends in video technologies around the world, so we can offer our clients the most robust and expandable professional video systems in the market. Constant attention to image and signal quality ensures that our systems both look good and function well.

-   Live production system design
-   3D and digital cinema system design
-   Distribution and digital signage design



AVL Industries specialise in Architectural Lighting Design and Illumination Engineering. We can commission any lighting installation, whether you have a brand new build or existing business, requiring renovations we can give you customised expert impartial advice.

Whether you are needing technical “compliance based” lighting advice, Architectural Lighting Design and Illumination Engineering (large commercial businesses including wineries, industrial, offices) “Green Star” energy efficient rated lighting designs, or simply aesthetically pleasing design solutions, AVL Industries can help you achieve your desired outcome.

AVL Industries is also a company that can specialise your venue with theatrically-based architectural lighting solutions. Our dynamic experience in the lighting industry sets us apart in our ability to effectively use the interplay of light and colour to sculpt the user experience.

We combine our technical knowledge and artistic experience with the vision and goals of our clients, and this leads to projects that will continually increase revenue.

- Theatrically based architectural lighting designs
- Scenic Element Design
- Rigging



AVL Industries can design your venue from a blank surface; so not limited to the abilities above, AVL can and will assist with any of the required services below to create that WOW factor for your next venue build/refurbishment.

Acoustic Engineering / Analysis – AVL Industries can provide a full acoustical report as well as provide recommendations for architectural structure and treatments, if required.

Conceptualisation – We will assist our clients in determining which elements will be best suited for their venue or event.

Budgetary Stage – An important and sensitive area of any project is the cost to the customer. AVL Industries provides our clients with a detailed proposal including estimated costs for review and approval.

Scheduling – A commencement and completion schedule will be determined by working with the owners, architects and other subcontractors.

Site Installation – Our team will see through from beginning to finish the installation process as per schedule.

Testing and Venue Training – Upon completion the system will be tested and all operators trained. Opening and closing precedes and manuals also created and customised per venue / club.

Liquor Licensing / Australian Standards – AVL Industries has and always will install compliant to all Australian State Standards and Liquor Licensing. We believe this to be a large part of quality control and plays a huge role in design and installation with the increasing adroitness of importation.


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